Lindsay Lohan shows off her pregnant belly

MG – Actress Lindsay Lohan wore a swimsuit to reveal her large belly while pregnant with her first child with Arab financier Bader Shammas.

On May 25, Lindsay updated her Instagram image in the last months of pregnancy. Pregnant women have a round figure, the second round blooms. Despite her bare face, the 36-year-old star is still radiant with a happy smile.

Lindsay Lohan shows off her pregnant belly in the last months of pregnancy.

Lindsay held a baby shower party in April in New York. The Parent Trap actress shared a series of photos at the party last month and confessed that she is having a great time. According to sources, Lindsay will give birth in Dubai – where she is settling down with her husband.



The Hollywood actress and her Arab husband are about to welcome their first child after more than a year of marriage. The two had a secret wedding last summer and announced the good news in July of the same year. Lindsay dated Bader Shammas for three years before moving in together.

Lindsay Lohan và ông xã Bader Shammas.

Her husband, a businessman, financier, was born in Kuwait and now works in Dubai. He and Lindsay met in Dubai when the American actress left Hollywood in search of a peaceful life after years of trouble. Lindsay once wanted to find a normal guy, work outside the entertainment industry, love her sincerely and finally, her dream came true.

In the past, Lindsay Lohan has experienced countless love affairs with Hollywood male stars and has a same-sex relationship with female DJ Samantha Ronson. In 2016, she was engaged to young master Egor Tarabasov – the son of Russian millionaire – Dmitry Tarabasov. However, not long after, Lindsay broke off the marriage because of the abusive fiance.

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