Korean female stars make the audience boo because they are so sexy

MG – Kpop female stars many times made the audience booed for wearing short clothes on stage.


Considered one of the sexiest female stars in Kpop, HyunA is often controversial when appearing with a bold fashion style. The female singer is not afraid to wear a short pink shirt, hugging close to the first round, making many people blush.

Another time, HyunA once caused a stir on social networks when wearing a bold cut shirt showing off her toned and slim waist. Or when the “Sexy Queen” only wears a tight blue tank top, mixes it with colorful underwear and stockings and shows it off on her personal Instagram.

The short shirt cannot cover HyunA’s first bust.

Not only showing off her hot everyday photos, HyunA also aroused controversy for wearing a tight outfit that couldn’t be shorter when performing at the 2019 Waterbomb water music festival.

All the times when HyunA dressed shockingly, she received a lot of “brick and stone” from netizens. Besides a few compliments for her personality, most think that she is a bad influence on young people when she supports the fashion of showing off her body. However, contrary to the audience’s reaction, the female singer stated that many people consider showing off their skin on stage as something “illegal” but acceptable in movies. This opinion of HyunA once again angered the audience, saying that she was using an excuse to justify her revealing clothes.



Hwasa (Mamamoo)

Hwasa (Mamamoo) is called a “rare case” of Kpop when possessing a beauty that is completely out of the norm. There is no snow white skin, or cute chubby face, Hwasa’s skin is brown and healthy, with a sharp European standard face. With a physical advantage, it is not unusual for Hwasa to pursue a sexy style. However, sometimes, the female singer is controversial for “crossing” the sexy boundary.

Hwasa’s tight outfit.

The Mamamoo member once confided that she was criticized for her personality because she wore too much makeup or wore revealing clothes. At first, the singer thought a lot. However, she now accepts herself as a rebel and declares: “I believe I did the best I could. So I have nothing to be ashamed of about my career.”

Hwasa’s sexy lace outfit on the performance stage.


Solar (Mamamoo)

Like junior Hwasa, Solar (Mamamoo) also pursues a sexy style. Many times, she made the audience “burn the eyes” with her bold fashion sense, showing off her perfect body. Surely fans can’t forget the time the singer ripped off her shirt on stage, revealing her toned stomach and “rolling” abs. Despite facing mixed opinions, Solar still frankly shared, “After watching many male idols tear off their shirts on stage, I wondered why the girls couldn’t do the same?”.

Solar is also a female singer who loves pole dancing. Many times, she wore a sexy lace outfit, showed off her long legs and showed off her superior pole dancing ability right on stage.

Solar is very passionate about pole dancing.


Jessi is known as the “big sister” of the Korean Rap village. She possesses European-standard beauty and liberal personality. Appearing at the airport, Jessi once made fans riot when wearing only a white T-shirt and underwear.

At the Waterbomb 2017 event, Jessi became the subject of discussion. Many people expressed that it was unacceptable for Jessi to wear this outfit to perform in public. However, in Waterbomb 2018, Jessi was even more “burnt” when wearing string underwear, only covered with a mesh shirt.

Famous as a female singer who is not afraid of any open clothes, on her personal page, Jessi also often shows off her body with open front and back outfits. This makes netizens in the land of kimchi not satisfied, asking for moderation in costumes.

Jessi shows off her first round at Waterbomb 2017.

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